What procedures are required to purchase a walkie-talkie?

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What procedures are required to purchase a walkie-talkie? Here the Marine handheld radio Manufacturer.

The use of wireless walkie-talkies requires the use of frequency resources, so the application must be submitted to the local radio management committee, and the purchase and use can only be approved by the commission. The specific procedures to be gone through are as follows:

1. Collect the "set radio station declaration form" from the commission or the designated dealer;

2. Fill in the form, use area, purchase quantity, use must be clearly filled in and stamped with the unit's official seal;

HT544-VHF Marine radio

3. Hold the declaration form to the district security bureau (generally in the district government agencies) filing declaration, district security bureau approval, on the application form to sign the opinion and return the form to the applicant;

4. Apply to the NRC with the "application form". After approval and approval of the frequency of use, the commission will issue the applicant with a "purchase permit";

5. Purchase walkie-talkie with "permit";

6. Carry the walkie-talkie and "receipt of purchase certificate" to the commission for inspection and pay the frequency occupation fee (RMB 100.00 per unit per year). The commission issues a "radio station licence". No license is required to use public interphones. Frequency occupation fee is waived. Users (or units) should fill in the registration card provided by the manufacturer when purchasing public interphone.

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