Key performance indicators of walkie-talkies

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Key performance indicators of walkie-talkies shared by Marine handheld radio Supplier.

A) frequency error: difference between unmodulated carrier frequency and assigned frequency;

B) output carrier power: the average power of transmission line given by the launcher within a rf cycle without modulation.

C) stray rf component: a signal with a significant component at a discrete frequency or in a narrow band, in addition to the modulated component near the carrier and its transmission bandwidth. Includes harmonic and non - harmonic and parasitic components.

D) adjacent channel power: the portion of the total output power of a transmitter operating in a system divided by channels that falls within the prescribed bandwidth of any adjacent channel under prescribed modulation conditions.

E) audio distortion: the ratio of the root-mean-square value of the distorted sinusoidal signal minus its fundamental component to the root-mean-square value of the full signal, expressed as a percentage, and the sinusoidal signal of this distortion includes harmonic component, power ripple and non-harmonic component.

F) modulation limitation: the ability of transmitter audio circuit to prevent modulation from exceeding the maximum allowable deviation.

A200U Marine handheld radio

G) rated audio output power: the power obtained when the output end of the receiver is connected to the specified load under specified working conditions.

H) reference sensitivity: also known as the maximum available sensitivity, the input signal level of 12Dbsinad is generated at the receiving and output end under the specified frequency and modulation.

I) selectivity: it represents the ability of the receiver to resist useless input signals. The performance of adjacent signal selectivity, common channel rejection, blocking, spurious response and intermodulation immunity were evaluated.

What need to point out is: the electrical performance index of walkie-talkie country and each area and different industry also have difference because of the measurement method of each standard, cannot judge the discretion of product index simply according to the numerical value of index so, have specific standard to be a basis even. For example, intermodulation disturbance rejection index, European standard, us FCL, Hong Kong ofta standard, due to different measurement methods, the index value of the same machine is very different.

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