Do you have any of these problems? (noise on the intercom)

May. 09, 2019 I want to consult

Do you have any of these problems? There's a noise on the intercom

1. The host and each extension have noise, or the host does not have noise each extension has noise!

(1) China Marine Radio Supplier shares that since we are doing a lot of high-speed across the country and some community intercom in the experience, it is generally not an extension of the above problems, on the radio host audio output size debug key (black) on the rear panel, and the size of the audio input to debug keys (panel), whether these keys have been debugging to the maximum, usually is only can be transferred to the half of the position, too much noise and too small also know that can't hear you!

(2) The problem of the overall line, the general new intercom even if there is more than 500 meters of distance, still can clear dialogue, but as time goes by, wire aging, loss is increased, and mutual interference between the lines, the solution can be rewiring!

(3) Because it is a twisted-pair transmission, this is very lightning, it is very likely that lightning damaged a part of the equipment, resulting in problems!

China Marine Radio Supplier

2. Host and a certain extension of the Explosion Proof Walkie talkie have noise, or host no noise a certain extension has noise!

For this kind of problem, we consider the situation also has several aspects:

(1)The grounding wire of the extension is not clear, that is to say, one or several copper wires of the grounding wire may be connected to other signal wires, resulting in noise problems.

(2)This line is aging too fast, so there are problems ahead of schedule, which also means that other extension lines will have this problem soon.

(3)Because there is no independent power supply on the extension, as time goes by, the board is used for a long time, the board aging, this problem has become one of the reasons for the weak signal volume.


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