How Dose The Marine Throat Microphone Use?

Nov. 14, 2018 I want to consult

How is the firefighter equipped with an explosion-proof walkie-talkie throat headset? Throat Microphone Supplier uses the Ocean one brand of laryngeal headphones as an example. Most fire-fighting bone conduction headphones are almost the same method of use, you can refer to it.

Throat Microphone Noun explanation: the headset worn on the throat (headphone + microphone combined)

Principle: The high-sensitivity vibration sensor is used to collect the vocal cord vibration transmitted to the larynx, and the vibration signal is converted into a sound signal. The earphone and the microphone are collected, and the received sound is transmitted to the ear through a catheter, and the communication content is not leaked.


1. Use the mounting strap to attach the communication earphone strap to the neck (for comfortable wearing, the pickup should be placed on the side of the neck as much as possible)

2. Put the transparent air duct earphone into the ear

3. Connect the connector of the laryngeal earphone to the microphone shoulder and fix it on the shoulder.

4. After connecting the laryngeal earphones to the intercom, press the PTT button of the bone conduction to send the message to the other party, and release the button to accept the speech of the other party.

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